Work holding devices:

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

In order to keep the setup time to minimum, the work holding devices should be accurate, easy and quick to operate, ensure rigidity against heavy cuts. A commonly used work holding devices are given below.

  1. Collect chucks.

  2. Jaw chucks.

  3. Arbors.

  4. Fixtures.

Collect Chucks:

Collect chucks are widely used to clamp the bar stock in machining on lathes. The main features is a collect which is a steel sleeve with spline tapered portion forming jaw.

Jaw Chucks:

Jaw chucks are used to hold the irregular shaped individual work pieces. The various types of jaw chucks employed for work holding are listed below.

  1. Three jaw self- centering chuck.

  2. Four jaw independent chuck.

  3. Two jaw box chuck.

  4. Power chucks.


Arbors may be used for holding small workpiece having accurately drilled holes. The threaded and expanding type arbors are in use.


Special fixtures may be employed to hold jobs which cannot be held in collets, jaws or arbors.

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