Upright or pillar type drilling machines:

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Upright drilling is a higher-capacity version of a sensitive drilling machine. It is a stationary floor-mounted drilling machine. It is used for medium-sized workpieces and having medium speed. The spindle head and the drive arrangement in this machine are similar to a sensitive drilling machine. But in this case, power-feeding arrangements are available. The main parts of the machine are the base, column, work table, and spindle head.

1. Base:

It is a supporting member on which all parts of the machine are mounted. It is generally made of cast iron. The top surface of the base is accurately machined. The base has T- slots which are used for mounting large workpieces directly on it.

2. Column:

It is a vertical member mounted on the base and it carries a table, spindle, and pulley drive mechanism. It should be very strong to take heavy cutting forces. It may be of a round type or box type.

In a round type, the column is round in a section also named a pillar. The table holding workpiece can be rotated 360° about the column for locating the workpiece under the spindle. A drill up to 50mm diameter is possible in this type.

In a box type, the column is square in section, heavier, more strong and rigid than a round type. It can only be raised or lowered by an elevator screw and will not rotate. A drill diameter more than 50mm and up to 75mm is possible by this type.

3. Table:

The worktable is attached to the column by means of a clamping screw. It has T- slots on the surface to hold workpieces. It can vertically move on the column and it can radially be adjusted about the column. As already stated, the column may be rotated about its own axis only in a round column type.

4. Spindle head and drive mechanism:

The spindle head is mounted on the top of the vertical column. It is driven by a motor through a belt and step cone drive. The sensitive hand feed is available. A quick traverse hand feed is also available quickly to bring down the drill to the hole location and be withdrawn after drilling. The different spindle speeds are obtained by using a step cone pulley arrangement.

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