The new way to look into the 2 wheeler bike segment is something about to change in the near future. The Revamp Moto is Mumbai based electric scooter manufacturing company. The 3 founders Jayesh Tope, PushkaRaj Salunke and Pritesh Mahajan bring the First modular utility platform which is Revamp Moto Mitra. This electric scooter comes with portable 10 attachments. They also manufacturer a low speed electric scooter designed for Smart Mobility. It has a very good utility in cities. Its range is 70 km, the load capacity is 120 kgs, top speed is 25 kmph, the battery is swappable and requires no registration.


The Motion is an electric motorcycle startup founded by two brothers Anantraj Tomar and Shivrajsihn Tomar in 2018 in Vadodara, India. The startup came with their prototype posture that comes with lots of unique features and good range which they called as Adaptable Intelligent electric Motorcycle-Motion Breeze. It is the world’s first electric bike that comes with the ability to change its handle position, seating height, and footrest position according to your comfortable riding posture. The E-bike comes with four riding modes sports, commute, cruiser, and scrambler.

Its riding posture like sports to commute can be changed with the press of the button. In sports mode the handlebar will be lower, the footrest will backward, and the seat high will adjust accordingly.

In Commuter or cruiser mode the handlebar will be upward, the footrest will be forward and the seat will be adjusted accordingly to give you a comfortable upward riding position. The Motion Breeze comes with a utility space as well that can accommodate a helmet, EV charging cable, and other small stuff.


Dandera Technologies Private Limited is an electronic 3 wheeler vehicle, this startup was started in Gurgaon, Haryana in 2020 founded by Kshitij Bajaj and Kanav Manchanda. After launching his first product, he named it 3 Wheeler EV-OTUA. The product reinvents mobility with sustainable cutting-edge There is a mixture of technology which can bring revolution in the coming time.

This startup is inspired by the Egyptian word Dendara named Dandera. Its an alternative to convertible fuel engines, which provide a better service to the people without any air pollution.

Technology battery has been used in this vehicle which is very good for Indian climatic conditions. There is a lot of heat, rain, and snow in India. The following are the upcoming products from this company-

  • OTUA 1.0

  • OTUA0.5

  • OTUA+


Bounce’s parent company, Wicked Ride Adventure Services Pvt. Ltd., was co-founded in 2014 by Vivekananda Hallekere, (CEO and co-founder) Anil G, (COO and co-founder) and Varun Agni (CTO and co-founder), initially as a luxury bike rental service under the name, Wicked Ride.

In 2019, they launched operations in Hyderabad with 2000 scooters and plan to introduce electric scooters to the market soon. In March 2020, Bounce claims to have started doing more than 130,000 rides a day and to have clocked more than 10 million rides since inception in September 2018.

The company also claims to have grown into the world's fastest-growing bike-sharing start-up. Fast forward to October 2021. Bounce has over 4,000 electric vehicles across Bengaluru and Vijaywada . In October, it also bought EV manufacturing company 22 Motors to morph into a full stack EV player, which will manufacture scooters, and also continue with the rental and sharing business. It has also built an EV manufacturing plant at Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, with a capacity of 1.8 lakh scooters a year.

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