Troubleshooting of CNC machines:

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Trouble shooting is the repairing CNC machines which consumes.

  1. Time, and

  2. Cost.

The following factors are involved in trouble shooting.

  1. Spares are not available.

  2. Delay involves in getting spares.

  3. The manpower lacks to trouble shoots.

The prevention maintenance is therefore choosen than any other maintenance in order to:

  1. Maximum machine availability.

  2. Minimum down time.

  3. Increase the life of the machine.

Prevention maintenance consists of the following elements:

  1. Daily schedule.

  2. Weekly preventive maintenance.

  3. Monthly preventive maintenance.

The preventive maintenance concentrates on the following members.

  1. Oil checks.

  2. Cleaning of machines.

  3. Hydraulic pressure setting.

  4. Checking tool changers, turrets, probes etc.,

  5. Cleaning of switches, filters, tape reader.

  6. Checking tool change time, table indexing time, feed rate spindle etc..,

  7. Checking of clamping, chicks, tail stocks etc.,

  8. Checking the battery backup.

  9. Setting pressure in switches and regulators.

  10. Frequency of Hydraulic oil change.

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