The Importance of Engineering

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

“Engineering is the Art of directing the great sources of power n nature for use and convenience of man” – Thomas Tredgold

Let’s Look back at our modern society history, have you ever wondered, what made it and what it is today?

Would the world have been the same if engineers have not been creative, innovative and knowledgeable?

Truth be told, this is the reason why India has seen such an exponential number of Engineers being prepared with every passing year.

Be it healthcare, entertainment, transportation, space, almost everything requires brilliant engineering.

The transformation of mankind from theory on paper to its actual practical implementation is what sets Engineering apart.

Future generations should be prepared with the ability to change our tomorrow with various Engineering genres, such as –

  • Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering – Deals majorly with the knowledge of basic electronic components and circuits and networking with the latest communication technology.

  • Computer Engineering – Deals with major problem solving using the knowledge of computers and how they operate working around latest technologies persistent today.

  • Mechanical Engineering – Deals with creating the latest machines and mechanical systems using design, analysis, manufacturing and implementation techniques.

  • Civil Engineering – Deals with the construction, building, and designing of new-age technology-infused structures and projects such as buildings, flyovers, roads, bridges, dams, etc.

  • Automobile Engineering – Deals with automobile technologies designing, manufacturing and building vehicles for the future and the present.

Engineering as your future career option?

Considering the ever-advancing technologies, huge developments in science and software, Engineers are currently high in demand with higher pay packages as compared to any other field in existence and this scenario would continue even into the future.

Engineering is a never-ending field of innovations coupled with creative thinking.

So if you are an aspirant who is not afraid of taking up challenges and wants to bring about a change in the society for the betterment by applying his/her creative and innovative approaches, then getting into Engineering is the right place for you and your brighter future.

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