Sensitive drilling machines:

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Sensitive drilling machines are lightweight, high-speed machines that are generally bench-type drilling machines but pillar-type machines are also available. It is used for light-duty work and drill holes up to 15mm in diameter. There is no power feeding arrangement but feeding is purely on hand control of the operator so that the operator can sense the feeding or can control the feeding. Therefore, the machine is called sensitive drilling machines.

The main parts of the sensitive drilling machines are the base, column, table, spindle, and driving mechanism.

1. Column:

The column vertically stands on its base. It is a cylindrical post. It supports the table, the spindle head, motor, and the driving mechanism.

2. Table:

The job on which the hole to be produced is mounted on the table. It can vertically be moved along the column and clamped in any position. It can also radially be adjusted around the column. It has T- slots for clamping workpieces or work holding devices.

3. Spindle and driving mechanism:

It is mounted at the top of the column. It has an electric drive motor is on one side whereas it has the spindle assembly on the other side. The motor drives the spindle through a cone pulley and V-belt arrangement. The belt can be shifted to different sets of pulleys to get different spindle speeds. The spindle is manually fed into the workpiece using a hand lever. The spindle has a Morse taper bore at its bottom end to hold the drill chuck holds the drill bit.

Sensitive drilling machines

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