Science is about knowing; Engineering is about doing.

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

The term engineering is derived from the Latin word "Ingenium", meaning "cleverness" and "ingeniare" which means "to devise".


Many people ponder the question "What is engineering?". To this, I would say that engineering is simply the study/science that allows humans to give back to nature, society, and mother earth. In essence, engineering helps us make our lives easier and more efficient.

Science can only go as far as to theoretically and practically showcase a concept or idea but engineering allows us, humans, to completely understand this idea and implement it in order to solve real-world issues/hardships.

Science can explain a concept and show it both theoretically and practically but some concepts that are actually helpful for us cannot be implemented in the real world due to constraints. This is where engineering comes into the picture as engineers are able to take a concept and simplify it and implement it for the benefit of us humans and the world.

  • Engineers: The life-blood of any society.

"Scientists dream of doing great things. Engineers do them." ~James A Michener.

If we think of society today, most of the technology and inventions that make society thrive are made by engineers.

Engineers have made great inventions in almost every field of study due to their simplistic and inventive approach to the problems of today's society.

Almost everything we see around us today has connections to engineering. Without engineering, there would be no bridges, modes of transport, healthcare-related machines, internet banking, and the list goes on and on just like how the a number of engineering graduates go on and on.

  • Engineering: The evolution of technology.

Technology is an ever evolving attribute of the world. It has always advanced in a rapid pace due to the involvement of engineers who find creative solutions to today's problems.

The medical field: Covid-19 pandemic.

During these testing times of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people and communities are joining hands to protect the world and its inhabitants from this deadly outbreak.

Engineers have also come forth with their fair share of contributions in order to protect the world during these trying times.

Engineers have played a vital role in breaking down the genetic sequence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and also in the manufacturing of a billion doses of vaccines that were sent worldwide in order to help the people infected. They also play a huge role in maintaining the integrity of the supply chain i.e the supply of chemicals, therapeutics, masks, and so on to the needy.

Engineering has also aided in increasing the speed and scale of Covid-19 diagnosis tests. Overall, I think it's safe to assume that the field of medical study regarding Covid-19 would not have been able to deliver the vaccines if not for the involvement of engineers and the engineering community.

" The whole world online! ": Engineering to the rescue.

Due to this massive outbreak, the whole world was forced to go into complete lockdown mode due to which many engineering industries to a serious hit when it comes to annual revenue. The mechanical engineering industry experienced a massive downfall in revenue due to lockdown.

Clearly from the above graphed and plotted data, one can see that the revenue dipped during the start of Covid-19 but with time all branches of engineering came together and played a massive role in taking the whole world online so that no one is exposed to this deadly outbreak. Creation of several online apps aided schools and educational institutes to start teaching online. People started taking the help of online logistics to get packages delivered.

Engineers: The underrated superheroes.

These are the new innovations that are happening in the field of engineering as of today.

  • Anti - COVID mask design.

Engineers from UC Berkeley are designing a rechargeable antiviral mask. The engineers found out that N95 is required to filter out all viruses like Covid-19 and other bacteria and they also found out that wearing an N95 mask for long durations are not advisable as the polypropylene structure wears out due to exhaled air and moisture which leads to a decrease in its filtering capabilities. Due to this, they decided to develop a mask that has a rechargeable, wire mesh active filter that does not lose its structural integrity on continuous use.

  • CRISPR-based COVID-19 test.

Covid-19 patients have to be quarantined and isolated but the current COVID RTPCR test takes time to provide a result due to which one cannot be sure of the result beforehand and might lead to further spreading of the virus.

Looking into these disadvantages, engineers have made a new type of COVID test that makes use of a smartphone camera and gives the test results within 30 minutes.

This is not only faster but can also determine the estimate of viral load.

  • Artificial intelligence.

Computer science engineers have been working hard in order to make automation more accessible to most people. Artificial intelligence will ensure zero labour in any organization and will also help in increasing working efficiency and will improve management of most functions in an organization. Hospitals can really benefit from this as the in-patient and out-patient formalities can be done with the assistance of an AI app or bot used by the hospital. AI can also learn from customer experience and help implement better ways of healthcare.

  • AQuarias wave energy system.

Designed by engineer Robert Schuster, the wave energy system makes use of a combination of gravity and buoyancy found between air and water to produce power that can be used to generate electricity. The advantage of this system is to ensure that humans start using a more renewable form of energy which has an almost zero carbon footprint and can also be self-sustaining. This technology has the potential to power huge ships and transport and could also aid cities to run on self sustainable energy.

  • Seabin

Made by engineers Pete Ceglinski and Andrew Turton, the seabin is essentially a the water pump that has a bag around it in order to collect debris.

Since the seabin has a high capacity motor that can pull up to 25,000 litres per hour, this invention can be used to clean the oceans and big water bodies as they responsible for life on earth, the seabin can be used to remove massive oil leaks, space landing debris and other wastes released by power plants and factories.

These are some of the recent innovations from the field of engineering that has tremendous scope of making the world a better place to live.

In conclusion, I'd like to say that it's clear that the world and the people in it require the presence of engineering in order to solve the different problems that the world and its inhabitants face. Engineering is a reality of this world and will continue to make the human race flourish.

that's all folks!


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