Gear teeth grinding:

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

The abrasive grinding wheel of a required shape and geometry is used to finish of gear teeth. In addition, the abrasive grinding wheel should highly be treated to increase its hardness to perform and enchance the grinding action on the gear teeth to be finished. In this case, the gear to be finished is mounted in a shaft and reciprocated under the grinding wheel.

There are two methods by which the gear is generated:

  1. Gear generating process.

  2. Gear forming process.

The generating grinding method uses two saucers shaped grinding wheels. These grinding wheels are set so that their active faces are in planes tangent to the involutes curvatures of two teeth on gear. This is accomplished by turning the wheels to an angle to the pressure angle of the gear being ground.

In forming method, the contour of the wheel is trued by a special fixture so that it coincides with the profile of gear tooth. The adjacent of two teeth are simultaneously ground.


Gear which cannot be finished by other methods can be ground.


Grinding gears are costly.

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