Gear Horning

It is also an abrasive process used for finishing previously machined surfaces. It is mostly used for finishing internal cylinder surface such as milled, drilled or bored surface.

The tool used called a hone is a bonded abrasive stone made in the form of a stick. Although honing enable the maximum stock removal out of the entire surface finishing operations, this higher stock removing capacity enable the application of honing for correcting slight out of round the application of honing for correcting slight out of roundness.


The honing tool work more or less in the same way as an expanding reamer. The honing stones are so held in a holder or mandrel that they can be forced outwards by mechanical or hydraulic pressure against the surface of the bore. Aluminum oxide, silicon carbide or diamond grains of suitable grit are boned in retinoid, vitrified.

It is used for super finishing of the generated gear teeth. Gear lapping and gear horning are the lost finishing operations of a gear generation process. Both internal cylindrical and flat surface can be honed.

There are two different types of honing process are,

  1. Hand honing process.

  2. Machine horning process.

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