Electric vehicles: The way of the future.

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

With gasoline prices on a steady incline due to depleting resources, every part of the world is trying to find alternative forms of energy in order to power vehicles and modes of transport. The automobile industry has taken a serious hit due to the steady rise in fuel prices. This is both good and bad.

Bad because soon gasoline engines are going to go away in the pages of history which will result in a lot of recession in the automobile sector.

Good because it will also open new jobs and opportunities in the electric transport and clean sustainable energy sector.

The implementation of electric drivetrains in the automobile industry will make a big difference when it comes to reduction in pollution, running costs, more job openings etc.

Petrol v/s Electric: Comparison.

With the increasing pollution rate of the world today, more and more people are looking to do their bit to conserve nature and its resources by reducing pollution.

50% of the world's pollution is caused just because of transportation, due to which it makes more sense to make transportation run on clean sustainable energy.

Petrol and diesel-powered vehicles emit greenhouse gases such as carbon monoxide and other carbon compounds that are very bad for the environment.

From the above data, it is clear that in the long run, petrol and diesel-powered cars produce a lot of CO2 and other carbon compounds that are very harmful to the environment.

Whereas electric cars have a significantly lesser carbon footprint as they barely give out CO2 emissions and they are a much cleaner form of energy.

Gasoline: A depleting resource.

We all know that gasoline is made by extracting unrefined oil from oil mines and is later put through a number of processes before it becomes petrol. Oil mines are finite resources and in the course of time, will start depleting. Without petrol, the car industry will not be able to flourish unless more and more companies implement electric drivetrains.

The American Petrol Institute, through their research, has made a rough approximation that the fuel reserves of the world will be completely depleted by the year 2094 and that is not that far away from 2021.

Electric vehicles: The long term benefits.

The data clearly shows that even if gasoline cars are cheaper, electric cars are better in the long run as they have significantly lower fuel and running costs, tax, and maintenance and they have 100% lower annual CO2 emissions.

The electric cars of today are also given grants from tax by the government, these grants are almost going to be worldwide and they further reduce the initial cost of electric vehicles.

Electric drivetrains: How it's made.

Electric vehicles make use of rechargeable batteries that store charge which is later supplied to the electric motors that in turn propel the vehicle forward, this is a very basic explanation of how an electric vehicle functions.

Electric drivetrains are easier to fix as they have 90% lesser moving parts. The main parts of an electric drivetrain include:

  • Electric engine/motor - AC/DC type.

  • Inverter - Converts the electric current from direct current into alternating current.

  • Drivetrain - Electric cars have a single-speed transmission that sends power from the motor to the wheels.

  • Batteries - Stores the electricity required to ran an electric vehicle. The higher the kW of the battery, the higher the range.

  • Charging point - The point to plug in the electrical outlet in order to charge the vehicle.

In short, this is the breakdown of the parts that constitute an electric drivetrain.

This image shows the breakdown of the lucid motors electric drivetrain that is capable of producing 1000 HP. This is a revolutionary design with many applications.

The electric vehicle industry is sure to open almost 30% of the job opportunities in the automobile sector by the year 2025. This advancement in automobile technology will improve emissions and the overall outlook toward the electric vehicle industry.

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