Deep hole drilling machines:

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Deep hole drilling machines are used when the drill hole depth exceeds the normal drill hole depth. For very deep holes of L/D ratio 6 to even 30, the use of rifle barrels, long spindles, oil holes, bearings, and connecting rods are difficult to apply cutting fluids and chip removal. So, the cutting fluids should be pressurized for effective cooling and easy chip removal. Due to a deep drill hole, the machine is operated at high speed and low feed. The machine may be a horizontal or vertical type. During drilling, the drill resolves. A hydraulic system is used for forcing oil under high pressure for the whole of the drill. Deep hole drilling machines are for drilling holes in riffle travels and crankshaft.

Some additional features of these machines include the following:

  1. Modular accessories allow a high level of flexibility for standard components.

  2. This machine covers major applications spread across a myriad of industries such as defense, oil and gas fields, automotive, general engineering, heavy engineering, power nuclear, steel, earth moving types of equipment.

  3. The machine has the facility to handle very long and heavy workpieces.

  4. Machines are mainly designed to provide operator safety and ease of operation.

  5. The setup changeovers are quicker.

  6. The CNC-controlled process allows a high level of productivity and precision.

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