CNC Drive Systems:

1.Cutting spindles:

A spindle drive is a primitive type of transmission. A rod referred as a spindle, is attached to the output of an engine. This rod then comes in direct contact with a tired. A spindle tooling provides an objective connection between cutting tool and spindle of the machine tool. The spindle is employed to perform variety of cutting operations.

Requirements of spindles for CNC machines:

  1. High stiffness for both static and dynamic.

  2. Running accuracy.

  3. Axial load carrying capacity.

  4. Thermal stability.

  5. Axis freedom for thermal expansion.

  6. High speeds of operation.

The following are typical spindle tooling for varying machining requirements.

  1. Drill chuck adaptors.

  2. Collect chucks.

  3. Morse taper adaptors.

  4. Shell mill adaptors.

  5. Face mill adaptors.

  6. Screwed shank end mill adaptors.

Advantages of cutting spindles:

  1. A spindle driven transmission simple.

  2. Spindle drives do not require lubrication.

  3. It needs minimal maintenance.

Disadvantages of cutting spindles:

  1. Spindle cause excessive wear on the tire.

  2. Excessive stress must be put on the spindle to maintain an efficient contact.

2.Spindle heads:

The following are the various types of spindle heads.

  1. Inclinable head.

  2. Robot head.

  3. Horizontal spindle head.

  4. Vertical spindle head.

  5. Universal head.

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