Artificial Intelligence: A computer evolved.

Throughout the years, engineering in the field of computers and technology has led to vast development in many parts of the world. The IT industry has come a long way since the past 10-15 years. This advancement in technology has led to many IT companies being able to provide the world with quick solutions to problems on the World Wide Web.

The IT sector allowed many people in the world to provide services online, this resulted in an extremely efficient chain of processes that allowed for big companies such as Oracle, Accenture, Microsoft to go public with it's services. This in turn allowed such companies to make branches worldwide which led to an increase in job openings, revenue etc.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence essentially makes it possible for a computer to learn from previous experiences, inputs and tasks. It basically imitates the human brain in a very basic form wherein it learns from the user's inputs. AI is actually widely used nowadays and it helps in automation and reduces human intervention. This ensures that the margin for error gets lesser and lesser. AI is made possible due to deep learning and natural language processing.

AI is very helpful in situations where there is a lot of data to be processed as it finds patterns in given data and processes them with ease and a smaller error rate.

History of Artificial intelligence.

This term was originally used in 1956 and was mainly used by the US department of defense to store classified information and so on in a discrete manner.

with time AI advanced due to the implementation of neural networks, machine learning and finally deep learning.

Nowadays AI has made it easier to allow for automation in almost every industry. In factories,

most machines are now driven or operated by AI software that actively monitor preferences and conditions that are necessary.

Applications of artificial intelligence.

  • AI automates tasks - Instead of automating manual tasks, it performs frequent, high volume computerized tasks. AI is much more reliable and is less likely to make errors while performing the tasks and they only require human supervision.

  • Image recognition - Just like how we humans can see and process images and recognize them, there are AI applications that can process an image and give you the information related to that image. These AI applications make use of sensors and detectors to recognize a given image. AI in image recognition can give you all the necessary information regarding an image. One popular example for such an application is google Lens. This AI feature will be of great use because most of the information humans consume are usually visual. It also allows for technology to be safer as it can be used as a facial recognition software as well, this feature is very popular in smartphones of today.

  • Chatbots - Chatbots are basically software that are able to respond to humans based on what they demand. Chatbots are usually used in business sites and web browsers of today. These bots learn from the user's most common searches and demands and provides them with t6he necessary results beforehand. Chatbots are also implemented in healthcare through apps like Ada that give a basic diagnosis based on the person's symptoms.

  • Speech recognition - AI software of today listen to the speech of a person, break it down and analyze it by matching tempo and comparing the pitch and note of the sound to a particular language. this is what makes translator apps of today possible. This is the process that a translator does before converting speech from a given language to another.

These are a few of the many applications of this new technology. It is certain to help every industry in more ways. AI will create many job opportunities and will help the world solve many challenges.

To understand what AI is in a simplified way, check this video.

It's safe to say that AI is definitely a trend that will go a long way in developing the world and it's industries. AI is the future.

That's all folks!!


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